Refinance home loans

Refinancing your home loan can provide you with greater flexibility and often a better position. Your loan doesn’t go away, it simply moves to a new loan and potential benefits can include:

  • Better interest rates
  • Lower monthly repayments
  • Consolidation of debts
  • Release of equity or funds for various purposes

Our finance brokers can help make refinancing simple for you. We provide a quick, easy and obligation free service that allows you to compare your current home loan against the various products available from our large panel of lenders.

You can refinance at any time

If you are not satisfied with your current loan rates, or wish to free up equity there is no reason to wait until you sell your home or buy another property to refinance.

You can save thousands by switching to a better loan

Savings made as a result of lower interest rates and low or no monthly fees can be sizeable. When these savings are added to your repayments, they can cut years off your home loan and save you a considerable amount.

Save even more by consolidating your finances

Consolidating your credit cards, personal loans and car loans with your home loan could save you a small fortune in interest payments, fees and charges. This may also allow better management of your money and enable you to repay more off your loan and become debt free sooner.

You don’t need to shop around

We’ll do the running around for you – free of charge. We use our expertise and experience in the home loan market coupled with an industry-leading software program that enables the comparison of hundreds of loans in a matter of minutes. We will then be able to provide you with a short list of loans that are both competitive and meet your personal objectives. We’ll also simplify the refinancing process for you and seamlessly manage the transition from one lender to another.

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