SELLING your house is a major event in anyone’s life and usually a good chance to realise a significant profit.

It is something most of us will do maybe once in life so expert advice is essential to maximise your sale price.

The right real estate agent can add 10 per cent to the house sale price, says Zoe Pointon, co-founder of real estate agent comparison site OpenAgent.

‘If you put your house on (the market) at the wrong price you risk having it sit there for a long time, then people start to wonder why it hasn’t sold, that there might be something wrong with it and you end up wasting time and money on marketing costs,’ says Pointon, an entrant in this year’s Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

But if you find the right agent, who knows your area and has a good track record for making the right appraisals on properties similar to yours the property will sell quickly and, often, for slightly more than expected.

Homeowner Richard Byerlee sold his house for $10,000 more than the appraisal price after finding the right agent.

‘You need to have an open conversation with them (real estate agents) and make sure they are letting you know exactly what they are doing (to sell your house),’ Byerlee says.

he said people should also be very open about negotiating commissions with agents.

He also agreed a sliding commission structure – the higher the sales price, the higher the percentage of commission – which gave the agent an incentive to achieve the best possible price.

Having all these key components in place helped him sell his property for more than expected within a few days of the first open house inspection.

Zoe’s top three tips for selling your house

1. Make sure you compare agents, don’t just go with the nearest on or the first one you meet.

2. Make sure the agent you choose is qualified and an expert in the area and style of property you are selling.

3. Discuss thoroughly how much you want to spend on marketing and commission fees before you go ahead.

Posted by Emma Blake – News Corp Australia Network on 23rd July, 2015