Owner Builders

Owner Builder Insurance helps to protect home owners who are undertaking owner building, from the consequences of many potential liabilities, exposure and risks when managing and overseeing the construction of their building works, as well as to protect neighbouring property, properties on site incidents, building materials delivered and stored on site, and the value represented of progressive works and contents as they are completed.

Owner Builder Construction & Public Liability Insurance
is vital to protect you and your property during the construction phase from damage or loss caused by theft, burglary, malicious damage, weather related perils, fire, workmanship issues and more. Most importantly this insurance protects the owner builder for their legal liability relating to a claim for injury or damage to a third party or property. These policies also protect the owner builder against actions or damage caused by your subcontractors.

It is not always easy to owner build within 12 months, time frames are often difficult to meet. It is preferable and cheaper to organise this insurance before construction commences.

Owner Builder Construction and Public Liability Insurance is subject to under insurance clauses which could affect claims settlement. Always insure for full value of materials and labour or else you may be left out of pocket in the event of a claim.

If you have obtained finance for your project, lending institutions will require that you take out all risks Construction and Public Liability Insurance, prior to releasing funds. Most local councils also stipulate that Owner Builder Construction & Public Liability Insurance is required to be implemented by the owner as a condition of their approval. At the end of the day you are protecting your investment in the work and materials that have been used, and are also providing protection against claims from third parties.

As an owner builder, if you plan on doing the work yourself and/or have family or friends assist you, consider 'Personal Accident and Volunteer Workers Insurance' . This insurance can provide protection if due to injury, you or your volunteer workers be unable to attend their regular employment. Benefits payable are for a fixed amount of cover. Cover extends to yourself, your spouse and other family/friends up to a total of 10 volunteers on site.