Property Development

A development loan is a means of gaining finance for a commercial, residential or a resort development project. With development finance, you can get the capital you need to bring your project to fruition.

Puzzle Finance can assist with a flexible and tailor-made development finance solution for your project, including:
  •  Commercial offices
  •  Industrial complexes
  •  Residential unit development
  •  Residential land sub-division
  •  Retail/shopping centres
  •  Retirement villages
  •  Healthcare, hospitality and aged care facilities

Development finance for a residential or commercial construction project or land subdivision is very different to your usual home loan or business loan. One of the key differences is that the development loan is drawn to the borrower's funding request, but it also ensures that there are sufficient funds retained to complete the development project.

A development finance facility is generally available for between one and five years, depending on the scope of the development project you are undertaking. and most lenders will allow you to capitalise interest during the development period, with the full loan falling due upon sale of the development.

This is one of the most challenging types of loan to be funded by banks as there may be a need for a level of presales, mezzanine funds and equity participation.

If you're planning to develop residential or commercial property, we can research a development finance option that suits your needs.

Please click here for our development questionaire which will assist us in sourcing your exact requirements