What is the First Home Owner Grant Scheme?

The First Home Owner Grant was an initiative of the Federal & State Governments to assist first home buyers to purchase their 1st home but is now administered at State Government level, and the level of benefit and eligibilty varies from state to state. Grants may be payable if you are building a new home, with bonus grants payable in some regional areas. Some state jursidictions will still offer grants on etablished homes as well to a certain value. Reduced Stamp Duty may also apply in some circumstances depending on the value of the home or land being purchased. Please refer to the links on this page for the relevent authotity in your state to check availabilty and eligibility. 

Am I eligible?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions, then you may be eligible to apply for the First Home Owner Grant.
  • Will this be the first time you and/or your spouse/de facto has received a grant in relation to purchasing a home in any State or Territory in Australia?
  • Will this be the first time your or your spouse/de facto have ever owned a home anywhere in Australia?
  • Will you or your spouse/de facto be applying for the grant as an individual person (that is, not a company or trust)?
  • Are you and/or your spouse/de facto an Australian citizen or permanent resident?
  • Will you and/or your spouse/de facto be occupying the established home as your principal place of residence for at least 12 months continuously within the first year of owning it?
  • Are you building your own home ?
  • Are you over 18 years of age?