Vehicle & Equipment Finance

From a car worth $20,000 to industrial machinery valued at $250,000 or more, Puzzle Finance can help your business acquire the essential equipment it needs to grow and prosper.  We specialise in leasing for individuals, professional and small business sectors, and typically finance the following types of new and used assets:
  • Motor cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Earthmoving and construction equipment
  • Manufacturing and industrial plant and machinery
  • Computers and office equipment (new only)
  • Medical and dental equipment
We provide the following product solutions.

Commercial Hire Purchase
Hire and use the asset until you make your last payment – and then the asset title is transferred to your name. Suitable for motor vehicles less than 9 years old, and certain types of equipment. Terms available from 12 to 60 months.  Commercial Hire Purchase is like a Car Lease in that you pay "rent" over the repayment term. The difference is that you gain equity as you make payments and title passes to you with the last repayment. A Commercial Hire Purchase agreement can be structured with or without a "Balloon" payment, i.e. an additional lump sum payment to be made at the end of the lease.

Chattel Mortgage
You own the asset from the start of the agreement, with a loan term secured by the asset of 12 to 60 months.  Again, this product is suitable for financing the acquisition of plant, equipment and your motor vehicle needs. Balloon values can be structured to be made at the end of the period or the transaction can be fully amortised.  Chattel Mortgage Finance is a loan that allows a business using the "cash" method of accounting for the Goods & Services Tax to claim back the GST on the asset purchase price in their next Business Activity Statement.

Finance Lease
Finance leases are structured in line with Australian Tax Office guidelines. All asset types can be financed, again for periods between 12 and 60 months.

Novated Lease
Typically used to finance new and used motor vehicles where an employer offers salary packaging arrangements.  Under a Novated Lease, an employee makes an agreement with the Lender for the finance of a vehicle. The employer then takes the repayments out of the employee's pre-tax salary. If the employee changes jobs, they take the car with them.

Personal Vehicle Lease
Leasing products are not just for business. You can utilise these products to finance your new or used vehicle being used for private use

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